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For many times,
we hide behind a lonely wall
wishing to let our hearts go free

Maybe, we will never complete each other
Maybe, we’re much more like two lost storms,
in a wrong place, at the wrong time

It’s a constant battle of letting go and holding on
but I refuse to hide

I want to listen to your cry of misery
I want to embrace them with my own
I want to make you feel you are not alone

but you and I know what’s best for us
and too afraid to accept it

because everything begins to break
the moment I feel like walking away…

– 10.31.2016



I Learned….

One truth I learned :

The people who did you wrong, oftentimes, are the ones who even have the courage to get mad at you when you discover the truth.

They shun you off, hated you, blocked your presence..

because you’re the bitter reminder to them that they are capable of hurting others..

and they are either too proud or too ashamed to accept it..

3120880934_8f02364b10_bIndeed, sorry seems to be the hardest word..

Image Source : Flickr