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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Let me wake up and smile
forgetting the tears of yesterday.
Let me enjoy the sunlight
forgetting that it once burnt me.

Let me wake up feeling energized
instead of fatigued and exhausted
from the thoughts that haunt me late at night
and the heaviness that won’t leave my heart.

Let me get that text or that call,
let me remember what it feels like
to be loved, to be remembered.
Let me know someone cares.

Bring me all the things I’ve been asking for,
the things you took away for so long.
Let today be the day you bless me.
Let today be the day you grant me my wishes.

Tell the sun to shine its light on me.
Let it overshadow the darkness.
Let it burn all the pain.
Let it warm my frozen heart.

Tell the stars to keep shining,
tell the galaxies to put a spell on me.
Let them remind me of my own magic.
Let them remind me of my own power.

Dear Universe, please be kind,
let me know that you can still hear me,
let me know that you miss me too
and that you still want me.

Dear Universe, let’s start over,
let’s be on the same team,
let’s stop being enemies
and start being one.

Rania Naim


She Wolf

I am hard to understand
I am hard to be with
I am hard to love
just so you know..

If you choose to be with me
It will never be easy
I fight. I claw. I kill
just so you know..

But if you are brave to take me
I might take you too
And you cannot turn back
just so you know..


Photo credit : SonnyCat

The Call of the Wild



Sharp fangs flashes as he growls
the thrist to bring death
eyes flames in fury
looking for an escape

He once ruled in his kingdom
the predator in a solitary wild
strength was his armor
never feeling sorry for his fights

One day a trap caught the king
in an iron throne, a crown he was given
yet he rejects the admires
for it is not what his heart desires

he longs of his life back
he was a beast, fierce and wild
freedom is his definition of love
one the master will never understand

The death that echoes in every flight
the chase that severs wretched life
the danger of the wild
now he cries his lonely howl in the night


 *Dedicated to anyone who feels the pain of the call to be free*


To you my heart has loved
and to you
my heart was beaten..
To you, I found life
and to you
I have died..
To you I took chances
and to you
I learned not again..
To you I found hope
and to you
I met despair..
To you I found love
and to you
I felt pain..
But I still love you
years walked by, I still do
and maybe even to the afterlife
I still will..


Gilded Butterflies


We two alone will sing like birds i’ th’ cage.
So we’ll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales,
And laugh at gilded butterflies…
And take upon ‘s the mystery of things,
As if we were God’s spies..