My pulse is getting fast
My heart is gonna crash
I got something to say to you
We’ve been on overdrive
Maybe we should take some time, apart
I’m always on the road and putting on a show
I know you’re really trying to keep up with me
we’re compatible
But you must be sick of all the bull, I pull, on you
Now, I’m having second thoughts about us
I think I like it like it was
I know I shut the system down
But now I wanna bring it back up
We need a reset, don’t wanna regret
Not making it up with you
You and I are fading from the screen
Can we prevent a freeze?
We’re losing power, and we’re spinning down
Suddenly back up… dedicated now
We crashed, but we can turn it
Around and around and around
Maybe we don’t have to fall, apart
Start it up
Start it up

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Let me wake up and smile
forgetting the tears of yesterday.
Let me enjoy the sunlight
forgetting that it once burnt me.

Let me wake up feeling energized
instead of fatigued and exhausted
from the thoughts that haunt me late at night
and the heaviness that won’t leave my heart.

Let me get that text or that call,
let me remember what it feels like
to be loved, to be remembered.
Let me know someone cares.

Bring me all the things I’ve been asking for,
the things you took away for so long.
Let today be the day you bless me.
Let today be the day you grant me my wishes.

Tell the sun to shine its light on me.
Let it overshadow the darkness.
Let it burn all the pain.
Let it warm my frozen heart.

Tell the stars to keep shining,
tell the galaxies to put a spell on me.
Let them remind me of my own magic.
Let them remind me of my own power.

Dear Universe, please be kind,
let me know that you can still hear me,
let me know that you miss me too
and that you still want me.

Dear Universe, let’s start over,
let’s be on the same team,
let’s stop being enemies
and start being one.

Rania Naim


For many times,
we hide behind a lonely wall
wishing to let our hearts go free

Maybe, we will never complete each other
Maybe, we’re much more like two lost storms,
in a wrong place, at the wrong time

It’s a constant battle of letting go and holding on
but I refuse to hide

I want to listen to your cry of misery
I want to embrace them with my own
I want to make you feel you are not alone

but you and I know what’s best for us
and too afraid to accept it

because everything begins to break
the moment I feel like walking away…

– 10.31.2016



I lay there in a daze
watching you sleep
with thoughts racing in my head
as I was trying 
to memorize your face.

I just wanted to hold you,
Wishing that I could show you how I feel
for it might be the last chance..
the last day together
one moment I would cherish forever

I know tomorrow 
I'll be watching you walk away,
not wanting you to go..
but I must and I have to find the strength somehow,
To kiss your lips goodbye...



To you my heart has loved
and to you
my heart was beaten..
To you, I found life
and to you
I have died..
To you I took chances
and to you
I learned not again..
To you I found hope
and to you
I met despair..
To you I found love
and to you
I felt pain..
But I still love you
years walked by, I still do
and maybe even to the afterlife
I still will..