My pulse is getting fast
My heart is gonna crash
I got something to say to you
We’ve been on overdrive
Maybe we should take some time, apart
I’m always on the road and putting on a show
I know you’re really trying to keep up with me
we’re compatible
But you must be sick of all the bull, I pull, on you
Now, I’m having second thoughts about us
I think I like it like it was
I know I shut the system down
But now I wanna bring it back up
We need a reset, don’t wanna regret
Not making it up with you
You and I are fading from the screen
Can we prevent a freeze?
We’re losing power, and we’re spinning down
Suddenly back up… dedicated now
We crashed, but we can turn it
Around and around and around
Maybe we don’t have to fall, apart
Start it up
Start it up

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