Probably the best thing you can do with your time is to waste it. We spend so much of our lives scurrying around being productive, using our time wisely, getting things done.
We fake intimacy online, we flood each others newsfeed with likes as if we truly do and infect each other with our own insecurities and rants about random nonsense.

We forget we need to take time out, to smell the air, feel the breeze on our skin, listen to the morning chorus and watch the sun slowly set.

We forget to give back to the world, we forget to care, we forget to inspire others, we forget to make good of our transitory existence.

Will you remember all those spreadsheets you accomplished, all those targets you hit and the money you made when you are old? Or will you remember sitting on a dock by a lake watching the sun go down?

I want to live.


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