Real Life Castaways

It’s the peak of summer season in my country and I was complaining because the weather’s too hot and how it triggers my migraine. And then every time I read news there’s this horrifying article about the ‘boat people’. Out there in the ocean are the Rohingya and Bangladeshi refugees. hungry..unwanted. homeless..was it religion that cause this great divide?

I don’t understand how some people can turn them away. Are we not all part( if not, most of us) of the United Nation and signatories of the many conventions, treaties and protocols relating to human rights and treating refugees? Therefore we must do our part in establishing a humane world for all of us. Even assuming that our country does not participate in the family of nations, it’s still so awful to think you can turn away destitute and oppressed people like these. I understand that there are always underlying political issues but the right to life is our fundamental right. Why are these people being deprive of it? it’s just so sick.

I hope they find their home soon. No matter what religion they have, what race, they are humans and they are all entitled to human rights…

This made me realize that I’m so much blessed with my life, even if it’s scorching 40 degrees what right do I have to complain? It would be a shame..


Photo credit: REUTERS/Syifa/Antara Foto


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