“Summer Blues”

What if I showed up in your driveway with a boom box in my hands and my heart on my sleeve and the words you always needed to hear no longer lodged inside my throat?
What if you ran outside to meet me and I versed you everything I could never say when we were lying beside one another, too afraid that one wrong word or one strange movement could make it all come tumbling down?

What if you listened?

What if you took me in your arms and kissed me with the raw determination that you had at eighteen years old when we were still so goddamned shy around each other?

What if we started all over again, right there in that driveway?

What if you’d never left?
What if we believed in each other?
What if I told you I was sorry?
What if I changed for you? What if you changed for me, too?

What if in a strange twist of fate we both ended up with amnesia?
What if you took me on a date – sweet and simple, at that old Italian bistro that we always used to love?
What if our minds failed to remember but our hands never forgot what it once meant to touch one another?

What if it was stranger than we’d ever experienced but simpler than we ever could have dreamed?

Or what if I’m wrong?

What if I knew, from the second that you walked out the door, that there’s only one ending to this story? What if we tried all there was left to try and we found that no boom box, no amnesia, crazy twist of fate would be enough to save us now? What if I let you go?

What if I never won you back?

And what if – as much as we’d hate to admit it – that was the happiest ending of all?

– Thought Catalog


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