The way I live my life is a full combination of mental and physical exhaustion. I had to work on an night shift so I can go to the University in the afternoon only to die there every time. Go home in the morning, Allot 4-5 hours reading, catch my regular 2-hour sleep and then wake up, put on my lipstick and wage war at the MRT station. Sometimes, I even wonder what it feels like to do nothing, watch the sunset and just be really quite. A lot always ask me if I even sleep. LOL. and I would always say “sleep is just for the weak”! seriously though, I am happy with my life. I love this study and I pour my heart and soul into this and I’m really hoping my efforts will pave the way into someone I hope to become.  I appreciate people for asking and for always wishing me well. I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I don’t want anyone to doubt me. I want people to support me and cheer me up when I feel worn out. I also would like to apologize if I sometimes appear grumpy or detached. I am not mad or anything, I’m just try’na save my energy!

I love my life. I love this world. La Vita E Bella. I GOT THIS!

(photo is not mine. Just found it on google)


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