Heard from the Sunday Mass:

According to some studies, there are people who would rather be hurt physically and emotionally over and over again than suffer the pain of being left.. It maybe a result of childhood trauma such as they were left alone by their parents and they grew up without them..

I think each of us, in some very human way, needs to know we count. Maybe this is the reason why there are some battered wives who do not want to leave their abusive husband and why there are mistresses (kabit) who’d rather accept being judged and hated than leave their twisted relationships. – They do not want to be ‘orphaned’ again.

The Priest said that, that’s why we have no right to judge because we do not know what each of us have been through.. but then again, just because we can’t judge one another doesn’t mean we should not change for something better..right?

We all make mistakes but we can always make it right..It may be painful to face the same traumatic experience but it’s the only way to heal..

“I will not leave you orphans,” Jesus says.


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