A movie that changed my perspective. Head in the Game!

“Turbo (Movie) tells the story of Theo, an underdog of a snail with big dreams to become the fastest racer out there. His passion for speed made him an outcast of sorts but after an accident gives him super-speed, he’ll never slow down again on his way to achieving his dreams”

While I was reviewing for Finals, I took pause and decided to watch a movie called ‘TURBO’. At first I was reluctant to watch it because it doesn’t look appealing. I watched it nevertheless and I instantly liked it. It’s a story of chasing dream and making it happen. perfect! just perfect for my situation.

Theo : “no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small.

Yeah, I believe that to be so.. taking on my personal experience, I am just a small girl, in this big world trying to find the perfect spot under the sun that belongs to me. Cliche as it may seem but it’s true. I was raised by a simple yet loving family. Grew up in the countryside. I went to school at a young age (younger than usual). I was very petite back then (I still am though.LOL) but I have learned to stood my ground and believe me it took a lot of nerve to do that! At age 16 I staggered to wage my independence. Got lucky. After college graduation, I started living all by myself, struggles and all. Decided to work overseas, still, struggles and all; but then again,  made it through.. Now, I’m only in my mid twenties but I feel like I’ve been through a lot.. chasing dreams.

Chet: What happens if you wake up tomorrow and your powers are gone, huh?

Turbo: I guess I’d better make the most of today 

Yep! I second the motion Theo! Gotta make the most of what I have today. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. I read a quote from C. JoyBell C. that says ‘I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and, alas! begin our flight.’

and I do.

Theo: Everybody’s got that one thing that makes them happy. For me, it’s terrifying blazing speed.

Literally yes, this one is true to me as well, but I’d like to take this in a different context. I like the idea of unknown. It’s quite interesting. I like the idea of risk or breaking rules (not to the extent of being stupid). I don’t even understand why there are some people who are slaves of script. They make plans, they time boxed everything, they follow order, they set fixed goals. duh! For me that’s suffocating. Why can’t we just enjoy the moment? As what Rihanna said in a song ‘ Tomorrow’s way too far away but we are young right now. All we have is right now!’

Chet: As soon as we get you home, we’ll get you fixed.

Turbo: Huh? I don’t need to be fixed.

Chet: Yes, you do. You’re a freak of nature.

Juts like Theo, I maybe am a freak of  nature too and I don’t want to be fixed too!. I have made choices in my life of which people thought of it as stupid mistakes. But I guess, I could not care less. My decisions are my own. And as long as I am happy with who I am, with what I am, with my decisions, the opinion of others doesn’t really matter. Do they have to be?

Chet : You do this to yourself, you know. Look at you. It’s like you’re almost forcing them.

Turbo: I can’t help it. It’s in my nature.

Chet: No it’s not. And the sooner you accept the dull, miserable reality of your existence, the happier you’ll be.

Angelo: Not every dream is meant to come true.

At some point, I guess it’s true as well. Sometimes I also wanted to just take some rest, as what I have written on my previous post (Crossroads).  It’s as if I wanted to drop everything down, start a new one, take pause.. right now, I’m pursuing my studies in Law but it’s really killing my social life. I thought of just quitting. Honestly I still can’t picture myself being a Lawyer but just like Theo (Turbo) I can’t help it..t’s in my nature. This pursuit is something that really brightens my day. It inspires me a lot and it makes me happy( even if we have to die in every recitation and discussion everyday)

Not every dream come true — but what if mine would? I’ll never know If I don’t try.

Turbo: All of these people, they believe in me.

And yes they do. My family and friends believe in me. They say I can accomplish this. They are actually much excited than I am in my study. Not only that, they’ve always been very supporting in all my endeavors, even if that means I have to always leave them..

Tito: Hey, we got this far. It’s good enough.

I am grateful!. I have gotten this far and I think it’s good enough. I will continue so long as I can still sustain it..It maybe slow but I wanna  hit the finish line! Head in the game! Head in the game!



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