PDI editorial: “When does religious faith become bigotry?”

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Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial (24 January 2014) discusses why the last-minute lawsuit to stop an international forum on reproductive health is  anti-freedom of expression.

Here is the link to the editorial: http://opinion.inquirer.net/70191/bigots#ixzz2rHFv5gVd


When does religious faith become bigotry? When it assumes the worst about those who don’t share the same religion or religious point of view. When does morality become antithetical to democracy? When it uses the fundamental rights that the Constitution guarantees, such as free speech and freedom of assembly, to deny to those it deems immoral the exercise of those very rights. And when does opposition to the Reproductive Health Law become an act of outrageous desperation? When organizations like the Pro-Life Philippines Foundation seek to stop international forums like the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights, through a last-minute lawsuit.

The petitioners, all Catholic Church-affiliated advocates against the Reproductive Health Law…

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