Yay, so yesterday was my birthday! and I think because of that I’ve been having stray thoughts lately. haha.

I don’t know what I’m talking about,  it’s kind of a mid life crisis that I can’t explain. I’ve been thinking, what if I just quit school? ‘course I would hear naysayers as usual but well, I don’t listen to others anyway. My decisions are my own and I take full responsibility of my actions. Maybe I’ll quit my present  BORING job too, find another one, get higher compensation, invest for the future, travel with my friends and family. When I get tired, I’ll travel and work abroad again. They say Korea and Japan are beautiful and I like cold places! Or what if I just go back home in the province? life was pretty subtle back home, plus I’ll get to be with the people I love the most.

On the other hand, I don’t want to just let go of what I’m currently pursuing right now. This has always been my dream and I can still sustain it but Law school is really a huge deal of sacrifice : sleep, social life, meal, family, you know sort of : it takes away the time you used to have doing things you like to do. I’ve noticed also some people around are getting on my nerves! as if this study is something you have to be boastful of, nah, we haven’t even accomplish anything yet! I don’t like hanging around with people who bring drama and stress. much talk but no action. They say love yourself because loving yourself is the greatest love of all. And the best way to love yourself is to stay away from the things and people that make you sad. right?

darn, I guess, I’m on a crossroad right now. In my life I think I’ve always had the best of luck. I had my share of failures, broken dreams and broken hearts too but I’m still on my feet able to shrug off the dust on my shoulders 😀 but there is something… there is something that’s missing. There’s something I want to do. I know there’s something out there and I want to get there.. I’m thinking maybe I don’t really need to make the right choice, do I? I just need to choose what will make me happiest and enjoy life 🙂

I’m getting old and the clock is ticking tik tok tik tok. guess, I don’t have the luxury of time.
ah, these thoughts are distressing, to say the least.



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