Things I Learned in 2013

  • To never put my happiness and self worth in the hands of someone else because if I do it can be taken away from me and when it does, I’ll be shattered.
  • To always be a free bird. There are things that cannot be changed and I learned to be happy by just letting them be as they are. Not that I’m being empathetic but why give a damn to the things and people that are none of my business? I live in a free country and we are all free to be who we are as long as we are not being prejudicial to the rights of others. no stress. no drama.
  • To always acknowledge my weakness and strength. I believe in giving just the ‘natural’ best shot.  I accept the fact that sometimes what we want is not in proportion with what we can. I’ll Shoot for the moon but if I miss, there are still other moons to shoot in the universe, right?
  • To never worry myself over thorough planning. It always leads to disappointment. I’ll just go where the river takes me. This does not mean that I’ll just tarry around or be lazy but I like flexible plans I guess. If it does not work, there’s always remedy! XD. Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished, said Confucius.
  • To always be happy and grateful from within. nothing can take it away..:)



I don’t own this photo. just found it on Facebook.


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