I Want to Become a Lawyer

Law School is cool! It sound absurd but its true! Allow me to elaborate.

When I was younger I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer. They seem really smart, that’s why I took up Political Science in college. Unfortunately I was unable to proceed to the Law School after Graduation, instead I landed straight bang to a BPO company (call center). I stayed and I worked on graveyard shift which I like anyways. Then one day, I woke up and I wanted to work overseas! I bought newspaper the following day and I found an advertisement. I went to the agency and submit my resume. heck, I dunno what I was really doin. All I know is that I wanted to work overseas. Nevetherless they accepted my CV but said that I may not qualify since I did not have any experience working in the office. I told them to allow me to try so they gave me a super tedious 6 hours of exam. voila! I passed. They advised me to secure all the papers needed but then another problem came: I did not meet the age requirement of 25. then again, I got lucky, they reconsider my application for final interview the following month which indeed happened. For 2 months I waited for the result, then I got sick. Maybe because I was really exhausted since I was still working on a night shift while I was processing my application in the agency during day time. The doctor told me to just cancel my application with the agency because I wont pass the medical. I cried that day. I was really frustrated but I was really determined. Few days after, the agency called me saying that I already have a Job Offer. Thanks God!! my heart nearly jumps out of my chest. I submit to medical examination even if I was scared that I might fail but hey, maybe it was really meant for me. I PASSED!. 3 months after, I flew to the Middle East to work with National Guard Health Affairs in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia I was assigned in Corporate Recruitment. I was still bewildered and I had nothing but a dream and courage I guess. Dreams do come true if you believe right? XD

When I was there, I thought that my dream of becoming a lawyer had already died but so much as I tried to dismiss it, the thought keeps pestering in my head. So I decided not to renew the contract much to the dismay of some people I suppose. Well, they said I already have a career in there so why go back? Headstrong as I am, I did not heed, I was so excited to be back home, see my family and friends and ride in a jeepney. lol. I rested for 2 months then I entered a new job and by June I enrolled in a Law School. The way I’ve always dreamed.

So here I am, struggling between my job and my study but I’m happy. I don’t mind running and rushing in the afternoon after office hours to the MRT station to catch the train. It’s a wonder I don’t feel tired even when I sometime arrive in the university in all sweat! (I hope this energy wont wear off as days go by). I pray that I become a lawyer someday. Not just a lawyer but a GOOD lawyer who understands logic and compassion. I want to have an advocate. I want to put a small consulting office back in my hometown in the province where people especially the indigent ones can visit for FREE consultation. I have witnessed that sometimes the simple Juan’s are not aware about their rights and privileges that some people who do take advantage of it. It’s so unfair and it makes me sad.

I believe we don’t just live for ourselves. I believe we have a duty to our fellow, to our country, to the Supreme God and to give back to the world.

It’s going to be a long long way for me and the road is very tough especially when some of your professors are so ‘terroristic’! XD

but I hope I make it. If I don’t I’d be happy to know that I did try 🙂



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