According to a report on PDI ‘”Solon files ‘My Husband’s Lover’ bill penalizing sexual activity between wife and another woman, between husband and another man”.

Well, I don’t know what to say.. It’s annoying and amusing, an ILLICIT EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR regardless of gender is inherently WRONG! would it be a lot harder if our Legislature just amend our penal laws on Concubinage and Adultery? If you read the elements of Concubinage(Art 334, RPC) and Adultery(Art 333, RPC) these are hard to prove. Example: number 1 element of Concubinage: ‘Shall keep a mistress in the conjugal dwelling’. Whose idiot will keep his kabit in their conjugal dwelling with his wife? of course the man will hide it! kesehodang gumawa pa yan ng 2nd facebook account, bumili ng 2 phone,uminom ng memory gold para matalas isip sa pagsisinungaling or mamuhay yan sa dalawang mundong gawa gawa nya. It’s hard to convict someone of Adultery or Concubinage, unless the evidence is strong. Siguro kung yung ignoramus at f na f na kabit e pinagpopopost sa lahat ng social media na nakapublic pa yung mga malalanding pictures nila, pwede cgurong gamitin as evidence. Not knowing that they’re actually putting themselves in danger. If the other spouse acquires knowledge and do something bad against them they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves. Even if the aggrieved spouse kill them both in some instances or inflict injuries of any kind. nakaaaw! Infidelity is a major cause why family and LIFE gets destroyed. We have witnessed generation by generation that this crime is so grave and it must be dealth with higher punishment and stricter prohibition. The Law states that ‘The State recognizes Marriage as an INVIOLABLE SOCIAL INSTITUTION and Foundation of the Family. Infidelity destroys the very essence of the family and family takes great part in good rearing of the children so parang domino effect lang yan. Family is destroyed because one spouse is so IGNORANT and SELFISH who happens to find another ignorant person. Sana impose higher penalty instead on both (kasi yung kabit, distierro lang ang parusa, which is unfair because the kabit is the cause of all evil (La causa de la causa es causa del mal causado)), revise the elements and well, pwede na rin isama ung cases na katulad ng sa ‘My Husbands Lover’ because these are becoming BEYOND serious offenses against person and honor. On a personal note, I guess it would be a lot easier to just amend the previous law which is vague instead of drafting new law nanaman. It really doesn’t make a difference naman eh kahit ano ang gender ng kabit.

Ewan lang ha, nakiki-ride lang ba yung ibang lawmaking authority jan sa uso? basta lang makapag -author ng bill, ganun?

hay, it’s really more fun in the Philippines talaga. . o_O

β€” feeling amused,


(By the way, I don’t have anything against gay people. Infact I do love them. I have uncles and cousins who are proud members of LGBT society. I am posting this for the issue of infidelity and not homosexuality)


3 thoughts on “‘MY HUSBAND’S LOVER’ bill : on UNFAITHFULNESS

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