Copper Skinned

I live in a world where the skinny and the fair skinned equates a Goddess.

Most of us here envy the white race for having fair complexion. That desire to attain fair skin, well, for most, to become beautiful (as conforming to their concept of beauty) leads to the development of many skin whitening pills, soap or lotions that are widespread in the market.  These skin whitening agents are, more often than not, expensive.  Another thing worthy of mention is that belief that only the skinny are beautiful.  While it is very unhealthy to become obese, looking like a malnourished chicken isn’t good either. Points said, I have nothing against these cosmetics enhancements in the market. I believe that humans are generally insatiable. We always desire for something more, we desire to improve what we think needs improvement. However, in some or perhaps in many cases, these had caused tremendous insecurities especially among many women. If they are fat or not fair skinned  they think  they aren’t beautiful. This makes me feel sad. I feel bad about these ladies who think they are ugly just because they did not fit in the context of what being beautiful means as prescribed by the general people.  I guess they have forgotten that we have hailed beauty queens who are copper skinned and there are many beauty queens in the world who are.  Why give a damn if you’re not skinny or you’re brown or black or pale? I am a believer of equality. Our parents love us just the same.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is it’s okay to enhance something physically especially if it’s beneficial for the health. I have nothing against even those who prefer to go under the knife for the sake of beauty. I’m just sad that sometimes these vanities caused character shift to some. I mean, it sometimes changes our perception of beauty. It makes women insecure.. That –makes me sad.

I would like to write this to empower women who think  they are ugly. They are not. We are not. Nobody is. I hope our ladies of today would stop starving themselves and start taking precautions on the pills that they take.

I believe that beauty is attitude. Beauty is good character..

I believe that a healthy body, and  sound mind are the things that make someone beautiful..

I  believe that it’s always good to be loved for who you are, for what you are and not for someone you tried so hard to be..

I am  copper skinned too..but I love what I am, I love the way I am.I love this person that my parents raised.

I am tan, and I am beautiful. XD



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