Someday I won’t have to say Goodbye

..And all the time I knew
The time was never right for us
Time to leave my love behind
like I know I must..

It’s a pretty boring afternoon so I decided to browse through some videos on you tube.  I came across this song, and then I was like, I remember this! That was the first time I went abroad to work, I was terribly sad (just like anyone else probably)..This song was playing over the radio while I was on a taxi going to the airport. I was thinking of that man that I used to love..I knew he wont be there anymore when I come back..I realized, he was never there in the first place…I felt it, the last time I held him, I cried because I knew..

Alas! that was a distant time now and I’m no longer sad.:) Leaving was actually a double blessing in disguise. It has been my dream and God wanted me to go away because it would be the right thing to do..I’m back where I came from..and maybe someday I wont have to say goodbye anymore 🙂


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