I love Philippines

I read somewhere that one of the major reason why Philippines is poor is that: We don’t love our country enough. True indeed. We sometimes keep on blaming others instead of helping each other. We dislike our government. We desire to see big beautiful and bold platforms from our public officials rather than doing something in our own little ways to help ourselves, our fellow and our country..We only see negativity in our government. Many people go overseas with the intent of not coming back to the country they called broken. and we do not have hope..isn’t it sad?…

When I went overseas to the Middle East, there was no day that passed by that I didn’t wish of coming back home to the Philippines. Out there I saw some inequalities especially between men and women. Women have to cover their hair, their face and they have to wear that long black gown (with respect to our brothers and sisters in Islam). Women do not vote. Women do not drive. What men say, women have to obey. There was very limited freedom to speak, and write and do what you want. It was oftentimes no fun.. Here in the Philippines, we all have the freedom to do what we want. to say what we want..to be what we want..but why do we only see things in black? I love Philippines. I have always do and I always will. I do not understand why there are so many Filipinos who hate being one. I do not understand why there are many Filipinos who would rather exchange who they are with somebody elses abroad.. Its a sad, sad thing.. I have read many forums and I often found that instead of defending our own we vote for others. Why is that?..I do not understand. We look to our own with disdain with the slightest mistake but we claim those half-filipinos who made it to the world..(please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them, you know what I’m tryin’ to say)

There is so much more to the Philippines. We have rich natural resources, we have great tourism, we have hailed many beauty queens. we have housed many talents, we have enough.. While people in Africa does not even have enough water to drink; women in some parts of the middle East couldn’t even ride a bike. .Here in the Philippines, we are free. There is equality. There is enough to make a living and if not, we have the right to go overseas and work. I hope we learn how to instill in our hearts the sense of patriotism – the love for one’s country. It is our own. It is our home..Don’t we know there are many foreign expats out there who admire us? they even write about us. why? because they have seen something great about us that we probably have failed to see.  Where is that undying spirit of compassion and courage that we show to each other when we face calamities? I hope we can still bring it even when the sun is sunny. I also hope we learn to stop harboring grudges over the rich public officials who collect taxes more than they should. We cannot change the whole system, we cannot change the world.. We have to change OURSELVES…

Let us ask ourselves, do we love our country enough? Would we bleed for it’s defense? Would we die trying to make it better, or would we just sneer our face with no hope but pessimism..I hope not. I really hope not..


by  :  Jeinara Odonio


One thought on “I love Philippines

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