Princess and I

I am not a big fan of teleserye but Princess and I was worth watching.

PAI was aired in the Philippines April 2012 but I only started watching last December when I went home for a vacation. I thought it was a televesion drama for teens but I was wrong. The story is love. Not just the teenage kilig moments that it gives to the screaming fanatics; it was a story of true love. I watched it until its finale which was aired February 1. Ashi Behati took over the crown, ousted the king and imprisoned him.  The eastern Princess Areeyah(Mikay) and her knight-in-shining armor Dasho Yuan(Gino)had to let go of their love, in exchange of the union of the warring western and eastern Yangdon and of Mikay’s father’s freedom. It was sad watching the 2 young lovers sent their wishes to the sky, where all they can do is hope for a someday.. Mikay walked down the aisle towards the man that she would have to marry, Dasho Jao, the once noble son of Ashi Bheati who lost all the goodness in his heart because of all the lies that he was made to believe. The song Breathe Again was being played..jeez, it nearly made me cry. I couldn’t imagine how painful it was. Gino had to walk his princess to the altar towards someone. He had to give her hand to someone for the sake of their country and for the good of all..

Car is parked, bags are packed, but what kind of heart doesn’t look back At the comfortable glow from the porch, the one I will still call yours?”

Dasho Jao saw it all. He saw the pain in the face of Mikay, the princess he too loves. That in spite of the lies, and betrayals, he still is and always will love the princess.. He saw the pain in Gino, his brother..his friend..In the end the old noble  Jao took over and decided to let go..and by doing so he had to sacrifice his own life. There he lay in the pavement with the bullet he took from his own mother’s hand..

“Hang my head, break my heart built from all I have torn apart..And my burden to bear is a love I can’t carry anymore”

These young people are the epitome of what true love meant.. of pure love, of friendship, of the love for one’s parents, for one’s country. They know true love means choosing the greater good above your own personal happiness.

Come to think of it, many would just rather mind their own happiness. Doing the right thing usually hurts isn’t it? We become selfish and we would reason out that love is blind. I believe that love is never blind. Love cares..

It was a feel-good teleserye. Gino and Princess Mikay still ended up together; the king was restored to health and got the crown back. Ashi Behati was imprisoned and lost her sanity over the thought of what she did to her own son. Dasho Jao did not actually die, but he finds peace.  The peace he had longed for. He became a monk and was seen telling the story of the princess and HIM to the kids..

I was also curious as to who will be the ‘I’ in the Princess and I. Gino won the princess, but the finale answered the question: It was  Jao who was the I. He was the one telling their story, his story of love, of forgiveness, of redemption..

A beautiful story!

I don’t know what I would do now after dinner. I don’t have something to look forward to..:(

OST : Nag Iisang Bituin

Here are the last 2 episodes of Princess and I :

Princess and I – January 31

Princess and I – Finale


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