My First Love

When I was younger, my biggest insecurity was my height. I was not really short but it’s just that I envy my cousins because they are quite tall..Later on, I decided that instead of whining over that imperfection I focused my attention on something that I knew I was good at. -my first love : arts.

Mama said I was only 3 years old when I began my first sketches.I had my small table where I had piles and piles of papers, illustration boards and drawings. My colors were my most precious treasure. From pencil I learned to use crayons, colored pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, paint, combinations.. Would you believe I would exchange a meal for a tiny paintbrush! The downside was, sometimes my momma did not want to support me. She gets mad every time I locked myself in the room the whole day and I would put a scrappy signage outside the door: “at work, do not disturb” haha!. She said artist are introvert and she didn’t want me to become morose or something like that. She wanted me dance instead. She dreams of me becoming a ballerina someday.(holy!) Problem was I didn’t have passion for dancing, I wanted to paint..but I needed to dance. I was dancing in exchange of my mom’s approval to buy me the colors I needed. I practiced
hard so I can either play with my playmates or retire to my own little world where I can paint my thoughts.=)

2 weeks ago, I went home for a vacation and while I was rummaging through my old things, I found my old drawings when I was in grade school and high school.

Here’s one in oil pastel. Dated 2001

The red head-jenaraismyname

The red head

This was my passion, still is and always will. ❀


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