Knowledge is a Gift

Do you remember your first question?

Think back to that moment when you asked your parents your very first question, and they answered instantly, unconditionally and with all the best intentions.

“Why is the sky blue?”

“When is Santa’s birthday?”

Bakit po ba kailangan matulog sa hapon?” (why do we need to sleep in the afternoon?)

Now, a lot of people will relate to that last question. Remember how we used to challenge our parents’ authority every time they would force us to sleep in the afternoon? Of course, our moms and dads would always be firm and quick to reply, “Kasi di ka tatangkad pag di ka natulog.”(because you won’t get taller if you don’t). Oddly, though, we took their advice to heart because we knew that our parents are credible and loving enough to mean well.

As kids, we were all naturally curious, and we never stopped asking since then. Some of our questions can be easily answered while others would need consultation. Sometimes our questions seem more significant than others, but we ask them nonetheless.

We realize that by asking, we become more aware of our surroundings. We search for answers that satisfy our curiosity about life. New knowledge thrives every time our questions are answered. The more we know, the more we learn and grow..


-knowledge is a gift



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