In Your Eyes


‘I think I finally know you

I can see beyond your smile

I think that I can show you

That what we have is still worthwhile

Don’t you know that love’s just like the thread

That keeps unraveling but then

It ties us back together in the end…”

When I was younger, I told myself: ‘if ever one day I’m gonna get married, I would like this to be my wedding song’. (*laughs).  I mean, I was so in love with the lyrics.

“In your eyes, I can see my dream’s reflections

In your eyes, found the answers to my questions

In your eyes, I can see the reasons why our love’s alive

In your eyes, we’re drifting safely back to shore

And I think I’ve finally learned to love you more”

I want a man who supports me.

A man who understands that I cannot be ruled over nor  live in a restricted world.

A man who is as independent as mine, who likes challenges and respects our individuality.

I want a man who is not and will never be insecure of my dreams, of all my ambitions, of all the things that I look forward to and of all the things that I may accomplish in the future.

I want a man that even if we often don’t agree with each other, we still find reasons to live in harmony with our differences.

Someone to be with me in searching for something better out there or finding answers to the questions that we have in our hearts.

Someone to be with because I have traveled, I have flown, I have left and I have arrived all alone all my life.

I want someone who never gets tired of waiting for me because I would also do the same..

“You warned me that life changes

That no one really knows

Whether time would make us strangers

Or whether time would make us grow”

Someone to grow up and grow old with

Someone who will walk with me and dreams with me

Someone that when I look into his eyes, I know I’m home.

“Even though the winds of time will change

In a world where nothing stays the same

Through it all our love will still remain”

And maybe just someone who loves me…


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