To the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Back when we were just kids, I had no idea what this stubborn girl would be to me. as time passes by, she has been my bestfriend, my shadow and my biggest irritation at it’s best.

Growing up, she was very bright and people liked her very much. She was the star. There were times when she would drive me really crazy, like how she would get all of my things and return them to me as soon as they get torn apart.

We basically grew up together and days wont be over if we don’t fight.

We made up silly games that only sisters would understand,.there was one when we would tickle each others footsole to see who freaks out first.

I remember how I would get very mad everytime she would run to me crying. I would feel like I’m the superwoman and I’d fight with the boys going home from school battered and dirty.

I remember how she liked to have me hold her hand when we went to bed. I would complain about how it made my arm go to sleep first but I’d eventually give in, reach my hand and grasp her hand, holding it till we fell asleep.

I remember the times when she would shiver in fear when there were guys nearby fighting. I would gently sat down beside her bed so if ever she wakes up, I’ll just hold her.
Over the past few years when we were apart, there had been so many bad things that happened. There were times I regret leaving her. had I been there, nobody could hurt her. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. But she is strong, she got lost but I saw her took her way back.

She is the girl with the pretty face and a beautiful heart.She is our princess.The royal pain in the butt! I don’t know if I’ve ever told her how proud I am of her in every way.

I love you budidot..


P.S. I wrote this for the birthday celebration of my sister- august 7


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