People Forget..

I got to watch a local night television show where the guests are the soon-to-be-married couples. One of the contestant said:”kahit ganito tayo, hindi kita iiwan“. I couldn’t control raising my brows, I hope he remembers that in 10, 50 years from now.

I am not being pessimistic about marriage( I still do believe in love!) but I have witnessed so many tragical stories about separation, broken home, infidelity, lies..even the movies today are patterned on stories of unfaithfulness. It saddens me. It saddens me to know that there are people out there who doesn’t deserve to be hurt but they are and worst the people who are hurting them are proud of what they are doing and if you try to correct them, they’ll hate you and tell you that you don’t understand.

I, myself definitely do understand the concept of being betrayed, of being left or seeing parents fighting in front of me. For once, we were also on the brink of having a broken home. I just got lucky I got amazing parents who managed to stay together.Β  I started on a wishful thinking that what if all parents are like that? and then the truth hit my face with two hands. As I was watching that tv show, my little cousin was sitting right next to me. Her parents separated because of an illicit affair. The children then got ‘distributed’ to the relatives. The mom went on her way, so was the dad..

It must have been so awful for the kids, They are very young and yet they have to go through every hell of having a broken family. It made me so upset. I hate mistresses, I hate bitches, I hate them for ruining a beautiful family. A beautiful future. Ang hirap pag ang isang kulot ang utak, nakatagpo ng isa pang kulot ang utak. Perfect worst combination indeed. Why do these children have to take the consequences? They are the ones who are totally hurt over the absurdity, stupidity, and irresposibility of the adults. It breaks my heart.. and I’m scared more.

Why did you forget?..


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