I miss you, with a never-ending ache that I did not think was possible, that crowds out any other feeling and certainly all my reason, and any good sense..


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An Open Letter to someone who keeps on stalking on my Facebook

I don’t really know you, but you’ve been no stranger to making a point that you know me. You make it a priority to always know what I’m doing and what the status of him and I are.

While what you say hurts, but what hurts the most is your complete disregard to anything except for what you want. The truth is, I was never your enemy, until you turned me into one. You instantly focused on hurting me in any way that you could. What you don’t understand is that I wish it would have never come to this. I wish you would have been able to express your feelings to me without putting me down, or formulating wild lies to widen the drift you have caused.

I’m writing this to let you know that I’m done playing along with all your games, whoever you are. Stop being psycho and so hung up with guilt. Let go of heavy baggage so it is easy for both of you to walk forward. My only regret is letting what you have said bother me so much but now it has come to end.

Your friend- who you so devotedly fight for her “rightful” place as you said will eventually find another love, and I wish her the best with that. When that day does arrive, I hope both of you will look back on this situation and realize the pain you have caused, and will regret your actions.

Until then, LOL goodluck


P.S :  no, we’re not the same. I am no like you or your friend. I don’t binge in alcohol and cigarettes. You won’t find me on nightclubs, you’ll find me on bookstores. And most importantly, I spend my own money and I pay my own tuition fees. We are not on the same league.

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Let me wake up and smile
forgetting the tears of yesterday.
Let me enjoy the sunlight
forgetting that it once burnt me.

Let me wake up feeling energized
instead of fatigued and exhausted
from the thoughts that haunt me late at night
and the heaviness that won’t leave my heart.

Let me get that text or that call,
let me remember what it feels like
to be loved, to be remembered.
Let me know someone cares.

Bring me all the things I’ve been asking for,
the things you took away for so long.
Let today be the day you bless me.
Let today be the day you grant me my wishes.

Tell the sun to shine its light on me.
Let it overshadow the darkness.
Let it burn all the pain.
Let it warm my frozen heart.

Tell the stars to keep shining,
tell the galaxies to put a spell on me.
Let them remind me of my own magic.
Let them remind me of my own power.

Dear Universe, please be kind,
let me know that you can still hear me,
let me know that you miss me too
and that you still want me.

Dear Universe, let’s start over,
let’s be on the same team,
let’s stop being enemies
and start being one.

Rania Naim